ICST : A Low-Delayed Forward Error Correction with Interleaving Coding and Sequential Transmission

論文翻譯標題: 具交錯編碼與循序傳輸的低延遲前向糾錯機制
  • 林 孟平

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Watching streaming media on mobile devices is a prevailing trend recently However burst packet loss problem is a common phenomenon over wired and wireless networks Forward Error Correction (FEC) mechanism is generally applied to recover the lost packet during transmission but the performance of FEC decreases in the presence of bursty packet loss The traditional FEC interleaving mechanism can properly mitigate the bursty loss effect without bandwidth overhead but the interleaving delay is increased accordingly In this study a novel ICST FEC mechanism has proposed to deal with the long interleaving delay problem The proposed method rearranges the sequence of FEC coding in a interleaved manner and transmits packets sequentially according to their enerated order in the application By changing the configuration of FEC coding and network transmission the source packets can be transmitted right after produced The delay of interleaving procedure can be therefore decreased with the feature of sequential transmission and in the meanwhile the ability against busrty losses kept since the transmitted packets are interleavedly coded in the FEC coding process The expected delay of proposed method has been discussed in detail In the simulation on NS2 the performance of delay improved by ICST FEC has been verified Furthermore the enhanced-ICST FEC is proposed to obtain a better loss recovery performance by appropriately increasing the interleaving depth in accordance with the saved delay
獎項日期2014 9月 1
監督員Ce-Kuen Shieh (Supervisor)