Immediate Effect of Thoracic Mobilization on Lumbar Spine Muscle Activity Joint Force and Pain Sensation on Lumbar Degenerated Spondylolisthesis of Chronic Low Back Pain Patients

論文翻譯標題: 胸椎鬆動術對於腰椎退化性滑脫之慢性下背痛患者在肌肉活性、腰部受力及疼痛感覺立即性影響
  • 蔡 旻錡

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Background: It is widely accepted that pain mechanism of chronic LBP involves multiple factors Therefore intervention should not only focus on pain relief but also consider causative factors more comprehensively Chronic low back pain patients commonly have excessive lumbar spine movements that may be compensated by limited motion of thoracic spine The tight thoracic spine may lead to greater lever arm for the erector spine muscles Further greater erector spinae muscles activity may cause tight extensor muscles increased lumbar spine joint force and pain sensation in lumbar region Therefore thoracic mobility is a very important factor for the chronic low back pain patients Thus the purpose of this study is first to determine the effect of thoracic mobilization intervention on erector spine muscles activity lumbar spine joint force and pain sensation in chronic low back pain patients The second purpose is to compare the clinical effect on pain electromyography and joint force between thoracic mobilization and soft tissue release group Methods: Twenty-eight participants diagnosed with lumbar degenerated spondylolisthesis and pain over six months patients participated in this study and were randomly divided into thoracic mobilization group (3M11F n=14) and soft tissue release group (3M11F n=14) Participants received range of motion test muscle strength test thoracic spine mobility test lumbar instability test tissue hardness pressure pain threshold and then lifted objects with 0 kg and 5 kg before and after the intervention to measure their electromyography activity level and joint force The questionnaires were measured in the first day and 48 hours after Repeated two way ANOVA statistical analyses were performed to compare the groups and time effect The significant level was set at p
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監督員Cheng-Feng Lin (Supervisor)