Impact of Multicultural Experience on Attitude toward the Conflict between Western and Russian Media among Russian Students

論文翻譯標題: 多元文化經驗如何影響俄羅斯學生對俄羅斯與西方媒體衝突的反應
  • 莎 敏娜

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Russian ruling elite throughout the history has great impact on the media which affects minds of all social spheres Although due to globalization and accessible media young adults raised in the Internet Era in Russia have a chance to experience all possible source of information most of them follow politics that prescribed by the government In this study we identify the critical role of multicultural experience in shaping attitude toward paradoxical news in particular the present study examines how young adults from Russia respond to Western media and the moderating role of their cultural experience is more open towards Western media Our main finding indicates that young adults from Russia with multicultural experience polyculturalism and high integrative complexity have a positive effect of favorable attitude toward conflict between Western and Russian media
獎項日期2014 2月 12
監督員Shyh-Nan Liou (Supervisor)