Innovation Strategies On Inheritance Of Distinctive Craftsmanship

論文翻譯標題: 宗師工藝傳承的創新策略
  • 沈 文婷

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Traditional craft inheritance is always well preserved in its masters However the traditional crafts face challenges in that knowledge transmission and skills process gradually disappear when the environment and society change Fortunately Taiwan still retains some important traditional crafts masters However if these masters passed away their valuable skills and cultural memories may gradually fade out How can we preserve and continue the treasure of craft skills after the death of the master craftsmen is a critical challenge and an important cultural issue Therefore this research aims to examine and suggest a useful system for preserving the inheritance of master craftsmen in Taiwan The research method unfolded in four stages: first the preliminary study The researcher chose a series of China Central Television's documentaries called “Keep the Craft” as archives to analyze understanding the current situation of international experience in traditional craft and what challenges (and the associated resources) masters encountered In the second stage it could be found some factors which affected master craftsmen's craft transmission mechanisms through literature and the researcher could integrate them to establish a normative model In the third stage the researcher undertook a field research of in-depth interviews with Taiwanese masters and described what happened in the transition process This section built the descriptive model for Taiwan's masters and they would compare with archives of “Keep the Craft” Last in the prescriptive model the researcher established comprehensive strategies to support the inheritance of master craftsmen with normative model and descriptive model The results show that the greatest impact on the craft inheritance process comes from the degree of openness of the inheritance mechanism What scales output value exists in a consumer market and the degree of innovation craftsmen also have important impacts on the inheritance process Through cross-strait case studies it is easy to find that because of the huge tourism market and the government's strong support the crafts industries process is easy to develop in the industrial chain but is also prone to impacts from the mechanized crafts original market and intellectual property rights issues Taiwanese cases advantages are that they have sufficient innovation ability but suffer from the lack of consumption based and caused poor operating conditions Therefore under Taiwan's crafts development strategy craftsmen could form a closer social network through their participation in the crafts category combined with the gorgeous work produced by craftsmen of the "crafts workshops" (工藝之家) and should expand e-commerce to sell overseas On the inheritance side digital collections(數位典藏) and open inheritance such as community universities can provide craft keepers the stage to transmit crafts skills and will support developing innovative products and services through participants with different backgrounds
獎項日期2017 6月 6
監督員Shyh-Nan Liou (Supervisor)