Integrating Surface and Motion Gesture Design on Map Operation

論文翻譯標題: 二維結合三維用於地圖操作之手勢設計
  • 黃 苡之

學生論文: Master's Thesis


With the innovation of the human-computer interaction technology the input model is developed with many new forms among which gesture control device is the most popular and is usually applied on touch panel such as mobile phone and tablet Besides the touch screen some new gesture operation devices are developed such as interactive projector Without the restriction of the size of touch panel it can be operated on the projected image in any size The gesture control can be divided into two types surface gestures and motion gestures The former means touching the device directly while the latter means operating in 3D space Currently the surface gestures are development maturely while the motion gestures are still under development The study explores the gestures with Google Map operation In the first stage of the experiment we create and select the available gestures In the second stage we conduct practical operation by using the available gestures Finally the design principles of motion gestures are summarized
獎項日期2016 九月 9
監督員Fong-Gong Wu (Supervisor)