Kansei Image of Sponge Rubber

論文翻譯標題: 發泡橡膠感性意象研究
  • 張 格禎

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Sponge rubber is a type of commonly seen materials that transforms rubber’s original physical property Its current use is mostly for products such as shoe soles and insulation cushions However as our living quality improves people expect products for not only their functionality but also mental fulfillment In the past R&D in materials is more focused on the physical perspectives rather than sensory characteristics Hence this research will discuss the purpose of sponge rubber’s sensory image and furthermore analyze its sensory perception and differences Its research purpose is in the following: (1) Screen sensory image’s vocabularies: Gather relevant documents and rubber relative books and invite professional designers to summarize relevant sensory vocabularies using Focus Group method; (2) Conduct material sensory image analysis: Analyze data result establish overall image and constructed element profile diagram and using T-test and ANOVA analysis to review constructed element’s image transition; (3) Evaluate image differences based on feelings: Using major ingredients to analyze sponge rubber’s sensory image factors and compare testing object’s image differences for different feelings; (4) Conduct weighted relationship of constructed elements and sensory images: Using quantized type I analysis method to analyze the weighted relationship of sponge rubber’s sensory vocabularies and their corresponding constructed elements The research result shows that sponge rubber’s sensory image can be summarized into three major factors: “classy style psychological factors” “natural quantization physical factors” and “trendy taste time-associate factors” However due to different feelings incurred from the sense of sight sense of touch and sense of sight and touch it also produces different image evaluation This explains that relying on only one kind of feelings can not have a thorough understanding of sponge rubber’s images This research result can also provide a reference for the industry and designers to be able to more accurately communicate regarding product design and material utilization Using correct constructed factors it helps construct products that match customers’ intrinsic demands; and using sensitivity as the strength to create products is the key to moving people’s heart
獎項日期2017 六月 30
監督員Min-Yuan Ma (Supervisor)