Kinetic simulation of particle acceleration by electrostatic ion acoustic shock

論文翻譯標題: 利用動力學模擬粒子被靜電離子聲震波加速之行為
  • 蘇 福生

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Ion acoustic shock waves by self-consistent Particle-in-Cell (PIC) simulation is studied The difference and the analogy between magnetosonic shock waves and ion acoustic shock waves are discussed Furthermore the threshold between ion acoustic solitons and the shock waves is discussed in terms of Mach number and density discontinuities The PIC simulation results are discussed first for the benchmark of Langmuir wave dynamics and second for ion acoustic wave dynamics by incorporating ions into the PIC code Based on the benchmark initial drift velocity of ions which exceeds the sound speed is incorporated Employing KdV equation roles of the nonlinearity and dispersion is discussed which is also revisited in PIC simulation For the shock generation we take advantage of plasma sheath near a fixed boundary Two methods to create the density discontinuity and generate the ion acoustic shocks are taken One is by utilizing the sheath and reflected ions and the other is by collision of two ion beams moving in the opposite directions We focus on the detailed generation mechanism of the electric field and particle acceleration mechanism in this study aiming at understanding of charged particle acceleration observes at disruptive solar events
獎項日期2016 9月 8
監督員Yasutaro Nishimura (Supervisor)