Local Weighted Directional Pattern for Facial Expression Recognition

論文翻譯標題: 應用於臉部表情辨識之具有權重的區域方向性樣式
  • 王 國明

學生論文: Master's Thesis


In this thesis a weighted local directional texture descriptor is proposed which is applied in facial expression recognition We partition the face images into several regions calculate the distribution of the structure of micro patterns using the directional information for each region to represent the facial texture feature with the concept of weight and the horizontal projection of the result of edge detection is also used to help identify facial expression Finally SVM (support vector machine) is used to classify the facial expression We use three databases to test the performance of the proposed facial expression recognition system There are seven expressions in both JAFFE database and Cohn-Kanade database which are neutral happiness sadness surprise fear anger and disgust For CMU-PIE database there are two expressions which are neutral and smiling As the experimental result the proposed method outperforms the other methods in facial expression recognition
獎項日期2014 七月 25
監督員Shen-Chuan Tai (Supervisor)