Mathematical Modeling and Computational Issues of Dengue Epidemic

論文翻譯標題: 登革熱疫情的數學建模及計算
  • 李 昱勳

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Tainan experienced severe dengue epidemics in 2015 According to the open data some interesting issues are found We use Susceptible - Exposed - Infected - Recovered (SEIR) model and adjust the parameters in the effective contact rate to fit historical data By comparing the trend of the optimized effective contact rate and the dates of the epidemic prevention works by the government the decay after prevention works gives a positive evidence for those works of government We also compare the severity of each districts and the relationship between the trend of epidemics and the chemical prevention is found In the future we will integrate the multi-scale method with different information such as geographic map social information and climate to establish a multi-scale heterogeneous epidemic model and discuss its computational efficiency and related error analysis
獎項日期2018 7月 16
監督員Yu-Chen Shu (Supervisor)