MOSFET Prepared by Hot Wire Doping SOI Substrate and 3D Gas Sensor with TSV Technology

論文翻譯標題: 利用熱燈絲摻雜研製場效電晶體及3D矽穿孔氣體感測器
  • 黃 翊慈

學生論文: Master's Thesis


As the MOSFET devices have been scaling down short channel effects become serious problems for traditional bulk MOSFETs As the result alternative MOSFET structure has been proposed Shallow doping profile is a solution Shallow doping profiles in drain and source and reducing implantation damage are the most popular methods to suppress short channel effect According to some studies HWCVD doping system can reach shallow junction doping In this study the N type MOSFET devices on bulk-Si and SOI with HWCVD assistant ICP doping system were investigated and compared As technology keeps progressing 3D integration becomes critical and shows advantages of high packaging density lower consumption TSV is considered a potential technique In this paper we integrated a highly sensitive Au particles adsorbed CO gas sensor integrated with TSV The TSV was well fabricated without voids The calculated resistance matched the one we measured The ZnO CO gas sensor responded fast and had a sensitivity of 25% at CO concentration of 8 ppm
獎項日期2016 七月 11
監督員Shoou-Jinn Chang (Supervisor)