On the Design of Integrated Electric Motors with Gear Mechanisms

論文翻譯標題: 整合電動馬達與齒輪減速機之設計
  • 陳 冠辰

學生論文: Doctoral Thesis


This work presents a novel design procedure for integrating electric motors with gear mechanisms Based on the configurations of electric motors and the kinematic structure of gear trains the design requirements and constraints are concluded By applying the graph representations and creative mechanism design methodology feasible design concepts are successfully generated systematically The open-circuit magnetostatic field analysis of a DC commutator motor conducted by applying 1-D and 2-D equivalent magnetic circuit methods are obtained and verified using FEA The differences in the air-gap flux density are 3 21% and 3 06% for 1-D and 2-D methods respectively The Carter’s coefficient is applied to model the permeance of the slot and gear-teeth space The affection of the integrated gear-teeth on the flux linkage and the first derivative of the flux linkage can be ignored The design methods for gear trains gear profiles number of gear teeth and gear strength are also introduced The maximum stress of the gear profile is 312 MPa and the results show that the gear train can be used for transmission purposes A DC commutator motor with a planetary gear mechanism and an AC induction motor with an ordinary gear train are applied as examples A feasible integrated DC commutator motor device is presented that reduces the cogging torque and the torque ripple by 92 02% and 50 14% respectively while increasing the torque density by 16 66% The torque of the AC induction motor is reduced by 8 96% and the torque ripple is reduced by 14 23% In addition the torque density is increased by 1 75% This indicates that the integrated devices provide more stable and efficiency output torque than the existing design
獎項日期2017 十月 19
監督員Hong-Sen Yan (Supervisor)