Optimal Adiabatic Transition aided by Shortcuts to Adiabaticity

論文翻譯標題: 以絕熱捷徑理論達成最佳化之絕熱過程
  • 何 誠圃

學生論文: Master's Thesis


This thesis is devoted to the theoretical investigation and numerical simulations of an optimal adiabatic transition aided by shortcuts to adiabaticity (STA) We begin by introducing the theory of adiabatic transition in two-level systems In general design adiabatic states cannot correspond to system states evolution which is perturbed by the coupling of adiabatic states In other words adiabatic transition is hard to achieve complete population transfer without shortcut design The Lewis-Riesenfeld invariant engineering protocol is introduced into adiabatic transition to calculate the STA These shortcuts will lead to complete population transfer but lose the robustness which is the advantage of adiabatic transition Hence we propose the optimal adiabatic transition designed by analyzing the fraction of system states projected on adiabatic states with quantum mechanics The results from simulations support our theory very well We show that the optimal adiabatic transition combines the advantage of complete population transfer and robustness
獎項日期2015 7月 23
監督員Shuo-Yen Tseng (Supervisor)