Pilot–Air Traffic Controller Communication Errors and Aviation Occurrences

論文翻譯標題: 航空器駕駛員及飛航管制員溝通疏失與飛航事故之探討
  • 周 翊暉

學生論文: Master's Thesis


The demands for air transportation keep growing steadily and issues of flight safety are the most important Human factors are the main reasons for air incidents and accidents of which pilot-controller communication error is one of the noticeable issues Most studies addressed this issue with international statistical data not personal experiences of pilots and controllers in Taiwan From the subjective results of a questionnaire survey this study first examined which factor may lead to which communication errors and next found out which communication error may cause specific aviation occurrences Third comparing different results between pilots and controllers and finally this study provided practical implications and suggestions By Exploratory Factor Analysis this study extracted five factors including workload linguistic factors pilot anticipation similar call sign and frequency change Besides this study found two communication errors as readback and hearback error and no pilot readback and two main aviation occurrences including runway incursion and altitude/heading deviation From pilots’ viewpoints the significant factors comprised workload pilot anticipation and frequency change whereas controllers think those are linguistic factors pilot anticipation and similar call sign Furthermore this study found the different relations between communication errors and aviation occurrences based on pilots and controllers’ opinion All results suggest pilots and controllers airlines and government focus on the factors and improve to avoid communication errors and aviation occurrences
獎項日期2018 6月 27
監督員Yu-Hern Chang (Supervisor)