Propagation of Solar Energetic Particles in inter-planetary space by study of the particles spreading across the Interplanetary Magnetic Field

論文翻譯標題: 通過對行星際磁場中的粒子傳播之研究處理太陽高能粒子在行星際空間中波傳問題
  • 方 喬丹

學生論文: Doctoral Thesis


This thesis presents a Multi-satellite Data Analysis and Simulator Tool (MDAST) developed with the original goal to support the science requirements of a Martian 3-Unit CubeSat mission profile named Bleeping Interplanetary Radiation Determination Yo-yo (BIRDY) MDAST was firstly designed and tested by taking into account the positions attitudes instruments field of view and energetic particles flux measurements from four spacecraft (ACE MSL STEREO A and STEREO B) The focus of this thesis will be in the period 6 December 2011 - 14 July 2012 period during which MSL was cruising from Earth to Mars In this situation it is possible to take advantage of the Hohmann Parker effect One of the asset of this effect is that a same SPE could be observed by different spacecraft aligned along the same heliospheric magnetic field line In this situation simultaneous multi-site measurements would be useful in understanding the Solar Energetic Particles propagation in the solar system Secondly the simulated positions attitudes and instrument field of view from the BIRDY CubeSat have been adapted for input And finally this tool can be used for data analysis of the measurements from the four spacecraft mentioned previously so as to simulate the instrument trajectory and observations capabilities of the BIRDY CubeSat The onset peak and end time of a SPE is specifically defined and identified with this tool It is not only useful for the BIRDY mission but also for analyzing data from the four satellites aforementioned and can be utilized for other space weather missions with further customization
監督員Jiun-Jih Miau (Supervisor)