Regulation of a novel adhesin Csp1 in Clostridium difficile

論文翻譯標題: 探討困難梭狀桿菌新穎膠原蛋白質 Csp1 之調控關係
  • 林 東昇

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Clostridium difficile is a Gram positive spore forming obligate anaerobic bacteria causive agent of the antibiotic associated diarrhea C difficile infection (CDI) is caused by host microflora disruption through broad-spectrum antibiotics The emergence of hypervirulent C difficile strains resulting in high morbidity and mortality has occurred in many countries The C difficile secrets toxins TcdA TcdB and binary toxin CDT TcdA and TcdB are responsible for gastrointestinal inflammation epithelial cell tight junction lose and apoptosis Before infection the pathogens need to attach to the host cell first In C difficile surface protein are responsible for interaction with host cell and extracellular matrix of vertebrates Csp1 a potential cell wall protein anchored on cell wall by sortase and a putative collagen binding adhesin Zmp1 a metalloprotease which can cleave Csp1 in vitro c-di-GMP a second messenger molecules modulate C difficile motility biofilm and toxin In our study we focus on Csp1 regulation between Zmp1 and c-di-GMP Our results showed that in the absence of metalloprotease Csp1 localization is increased on the cell wall c-di-GMP enhance the quantity of Csp1 and the PPKTG motif is needed for recognization by sortase In summary our results demonstrated the localization and regulation of a novel adhesin Csp1 by Zmp1 and c-di-GMP
獎項日期2015 九月 11
監督員I-Hsiu Huang (Supervisor)