Relationship between Processing Capacity of Concept Formation and Creativity

論文翻譯標題: 概念形成的處理容量與創造力之間的關係
  • 尚 林霖

學生論文: Master's Thesis


How do individuals integrate attribute information to form a concept? In real life we have to process such information all the time Thus clarifying the processing mechanism is significant which provides an effective approach for us to understand how human beings interact with the external world In order to solve this problem we would adopt systems factorial technology (SFT) to design a concept formation task to explore the processing mechanism of concept formation under two different conditions (under the exhaustive rule: AND condition under the self-stopping rule: OR condition) especially the processing capacity of concept formation Then we would require participants to perform a remote associates test (Chinese version) and a problem solving test to verify the whether there was a relationship between the Z-scores of the capacity coefficient and the scores of the creativity tests The results displayed that there was a negative correlation between capacity and creativity suggesting during the process of concept formation creativity could be involved in
獎項日期2016 八月 30
監督員Cheng-Ta Yang (Supervisor)