Research of Development Strategies for Amateur Individual Workshops in the Mobile E-commerce Environment

論文翻譯標題: 業餘個人作坊式從業者在移動電子商務環境下的發展策略研究
  • 朱 辰駿

學生論文: Master's Thesis


In this study the new way of thinking "Flow - Elements - Theory - Strategy" was used to set up a practical strategy of business models This way was also used for the amateur workshop business in the mobile e-commerce environment This study can be divided into five stages The first stage was to establish a relationship between the various elements of the business model and successful business theory from the discussion of the relevant research literature The second stage through to the store thinking aloud for the first time consumers proceeds of shopping enthusiast depth interviews sorted out the four elements of the private amateur bakery that price product interaction and time The third stage through the “elements - theory – Strategy” flow proposed various specific business strategies for the four elements and implemented them The fourth stage confirmed that the strategies for private amateur bakery were feasible The fifth stage followed the conclusions of the fourth stage used the four elements and "Flow - Elements - Theory - Strategy" thinking method and applied to private amateur service in English which was found also feasible It was believed that the thinking method for strategies as well as the four elements could be generally applied to private amateur practitioners in mobile e-commerce environment to provide guidance for business practitioners
獎項日期2015 9月 8
監督員Chun-Juei Chou (Supervisor)