Rotation Behaviors of Liquid Crystal Microsphere Manipulated by Optical Vortex Tweezers

論文翻譯標題: 液晶微球在光渦流光鉗下轉動行為之研究
  • 莊 群

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Optical tweezers are extensively applied in biomedical and materials sciences because it can provide a noncontact and nondestructive method for manipulating micron-sized particles The interaction between the microspheres (MSs) and the incident light field of optical tweezers has attracted increasing attention This thesis aims to investigate the orbital motion of NLC MSs under the manipulation of optical vortex tweezers (OVTs) We used the azo dye SD1 as the photo-alignment material to fabricate the q-plates (QPs) which were subsequently integrated into the optical tweezers to generate the optical vortex beam This thesis is divided into two parts In the first part we established the photo-alignment setup to fabricate the QPs and demonstrated their usefulness In the second part the QPs were integrated with a circularly polarized optical beam (wavelength: 660 nm) as vortex tweezer beams with vortex beams of l = 6 8 10 and 12 to manipulate the NLC MSs The QP-integrated optical tweezers possessed spin angular momentum and orbital angular momentum at the same time The optical tweezers can rotate the NLC microdroplet through angular momentum transfer The orbital motions of the NLC MSs manipulated by the optical tweezers were investigated under various experimental conditions such as LC structure and diameters of the MS and the power and value of l (l = 6 8 10 12) of the incident vortex beam Experimental results showed that the orbital motion of the NLC MSs depends on the sizes of the MSs the l value of the incident vortex beam and the internal LC structure of the MSs
獎項日期2015 八月 21
監督員Chia-Rong Lee (Supervisor)