Smart Home Energy Management System for Monitoring and Scheduling of Home Appliances

論文翻譯標題: 智慧家庭電力管理系統之監控與電器排程
  • 楊 雅嵐

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Due to the great emphasis on energy issues smart home technology has become one of the current trends in power management It is considered that how to implement the computational intelligence technologies into home energy management so as to achieve comfortable environments saving energy and costs as well as safety This thesis proposes a smart home energy management system (HEMS) This system analyzes the electrical usage and history of all household appliances through context-aware technologies meta-heuristics algorithms and statistical analysis It automatically classifies the household appliances and sets usage rules under user-defined limits in order to minimize the energy usage Furthermore the development of renewable energy is increasingly important so this home energy management system also takes the battery management system (BMS) which can be recharged from renewable energy and mains electricity into consideration Referring to the electricity tariff this system can reduce electricity costs efficiently and provide users appliances usage recommendations by forecasting approaches and scheduling management In addition to controlling the cost of energy usage the system also monitors the condition of household electricity to insure the safety Training through historical power usage information and analysis the system can detect abnormal situations and automatically handle the emergency as well as notify the users to prevent damage and loss
獎項日期2014 7月 10
監督員Chu-Sing Yang (Supervisor)