Spatial pattern development of Kukup water settlement in adapting coastal environment

論文翻譯標題: 龜咯水上聚落適應海岸環境之空間模式發展研究
  • 賴 佳燕

學生論文: Master's Thesis


The concern of “living with water” raises increasing attention due to potential disasters following by climate change and sea level rise It is recognized that coastal community needs to adapt in order to moderate the harm or exploit beneficial opportunities resulting from changes in climate and other physical or socio-economic factors For organic-growth traditional settlement that was built by local resources and measure it is important to consider people’s perception and capacity to implement adaptation policy However it is usually be neglected and leads to failure of policy To identify the interrelation between local perception and spatial pattern this study discusses how grassroots’ response to coastal environment reflects on spatial pattern development Water settlement is one of the traditional lifestyles in Malaysia Partly due to illegal position in land use the study of its space or/and adaptation to environment have received less attention and are limited in literature And yet these settlements are actually considered comparative high-risk exposed to sea level rise (Md Din & Mohd Omar 2009) or other coastal potential disasters (Chan 1995) based on their location Using case study of Kukup water settlement (Kukup Laut Fishing Village and Ayer Masin Fishing Village) in Johor State Malaysia this study conducts field research and interviews to identify local perception to coastal environment in shaping settlement’s pattern Applying to two designed phases the result shows spatial pattern at community scale and building scale in order to identify the development and the causes The study finds that spatial pattern has been facilitated to adapt to coastal environment The everyday life experience therefore formed local perception; and the pattern represents the generation’s experience to live with water To understanding local perception to coastal environment and its changes is essential to practice of any adaptation policy Through a detailed investigation and analysis to spatial pattern it is to provide appropriate reference for further spatial and/or adaptation studies of traditional water centric community with similar natural and man-made conditions
獎項日期2014 2月 11
監督員Hsien-Hsin Cheng (Supervisor)