Study on real-time Kinect-based 3D point cloud processing for automatic polyhedral object grasping

論文翻譯標題: 應用於多面物體自動夾取之基於Kinect即時三維點雲處理研究
  • 巴 布羅

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Since the introduction of the Microsoft Kinect sensor real-time 3D perception of objects in a close-range scene has become one of the major trends in the current research on robotics and computer vision domain As part of a long-term goal to develop a robust object recognition system for industrial applications this thesis focuses on the research topic of 3D planes recognition and separation for polyhedral object grasping using industrial manipulators and Kinect as a 3D vision system Since the data acquired by the vision sensor such as Kinect are invariably noisy a pipeline of algorithms has been implemented to reduce the noise and clustering the data points properly With the 3D position and surface normal vectors that represent the object of interest given a split and merge algorithm has been developed to cluster the data exploiting the flexibility and robustness of the fuzzy logic inference system and then fitting each segment to a planar model using RANSAC This thesis mainly uses the eye-to-hand Kinect-based vision system to retrieve the 3D position and normal vectors of the planar faces of the object and then give instructions to a robotic arm for grasping Experimental results indicate that the proposed plane segmentation algorithm can successfully segment the object and the Kinect-based robotic vision system developed in this thesis can achieve real-time automatic polyhedral object grasping with high precision
獎項日期2016 七月 1
監督員Ming-Yang Cheng (Supervisor)