Synergistic photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical performance of nanocomposites ZnSnO3/polymer (PVDF/PMMA)

論文翻譯標題: ZnSnO3/PVDF(PMMA)奈米複合材料之光觸媒及光電化學增益效應之研究
  • 林 宏名

學生論文: Master's Thesis


In this research we propose a novel way of fabricating ZTO/polymer nanocomposites by simple two-step hydrothermal and spin coating method This research emphasized on the synergistic properties of the ZTO/polymer nanocomposites XRD and SEM were used to characterize the ZTO nanocomosites The results from the XRD confirmed the presence of ZTO SEM analysis showed the morphologies of the ZTO nanowires PMMA and PVDF And piezotronic analysis was conducted on PMMA/ZTO and PVDF/ZTO nanocomposites exhibiting higher current density at -5V when the pressure was higher The evolution of the Schottky barrier height was also calculated Under UV light illumination the output current density obtained were five and seven times higher for PMMA/ZTO and PVDF/ZTO respectively These confirmed the synergistic piezophototronic property of the material In a piezophotocatalytic experiment the decomposition of methylene blue (MB) was also investigated The ZTO/polymer nanocomposites exhibited better degradation property than pure ZTO PEC and IPCE measurements were also done to test the potential for water splitting Under UV light illumination at constant bias supply of 0 5V the photoelectrochemical current measured was approximately 4?A/cm2 for the PMMA/ZTO nanocomposite The IPCE of the pure ZTO PMMA/ZTO/ PVDF/ZTO nanocomposites were 15 18 and 20% respectively The IPCE variation as a function of wavelength was in good agreement with the UV-VIS results
獎項日期2017 一月 17
監督員Kao-Shuo Chang (Supervisor)