Syntheses and Characterization of Lead(II) Copper(I) and Iron(II) Complexes with tetradentate diphosphine-dithiolate ligand derivatives

論文翻譯標題: 硫磷四芽配位基之鉛二價、銅一價及鐵二價錯合物的合成鑑定
  • 林 泰言

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Our laboratory has developed a series of phosphine-thiolate ligands in order to understand metal thiolate chemistry It is anticipated the information provided from this study can bring insights for understanding the metal-sulfur chemistry in biological systems as well as in toxicity In this thesis diphosphine-dithiolate ligand (P2S2) was utilized for exploring metal chemistry 31P 207Pb NMR in solid and solution state were applied on two lead(II) compelexes Pb(P2S2”) (1) and [Pb(P2S2”)]2?[Pb2(P2S2”)2] (2) Pb(P2S2”) (1) is a monolead(II) species binding with a P2S2” ligand [Pb(P2S2”)]2?[Pb2(P2S2”)2] contains two monolead(II) units and a dimeric unit These compounds were synthesized and characterized in our laboratory before In addition a hexacopper(I) complex of P2S2” ligand [Cu3(P2S2”)(Im)(TMSPhS)]2 has been isolated and characterized by X-ray crystallography and spectroscopies Finally iron carbonyl chemistry with P2S2” ligand was also been explored The isolated compound was identified as cis-Fe(P2S2”)(CO)2 by comparing the spectroscopies with the other analogue cis-Fe(P2S2*)(CO)2 that is synthesized and well characterized in our laboratory
獎項日期2015 8月 6
監督員Hua-Fen Hsu (Supervisor)