The Design of Emerging Technology Curriculum: Developing Modules for High School Students in Gene Technology

論文翻譯標題: 新興科技課程的設計:開發高中生的基因技術課程模組
  • 陳 少燕

學生論文: Doctoral Thesis


Modern biotechnology is one of the most important scientific and technological revolutions in the 21st century with an increasing and measurable impact on society Development of biotechnology curriculum has become important to high school bioscience classrooms This study has monitored high school students in Taiwan on their knowledge of and attitudes towards biotechnology for nearly two decades Not surprisingly knowledge of biotechnology of current students has increased significantly (p<0 001) and most students have learned some definitions and examples of biotechnology There was a positive correlation between biotechnology knowledge and attitudes toward biotechnology for current students who study Advanced Biology (AB) However for current students who did not study AB there was a negative correlation The attitude results showed that students today expressed less favourable opinions toward agricultural biotechnology (p<0 001) despite studying AB or not However there is no significant difference between students today and 18 years ago in opinions towards medical biotechnology In addition current students showed a greater concern involving environmental risks than former students Interestingly the high school curriculum did affect students’ attitudes toward genetically engineered (GE) plants but not GE animals Our current study also found that the students’ attitude towards GE animals was influenced more by their limited knowledge than by their moral belief Followed by my design of emerging technology curriculum: the example of our ? a well-designed biotechnology curriculum and DNA technology experiment” for the whole class activity Following will present some example of the Case study: “Inquiry-Based Laboratory Projects for High School Students toward learning gene technologies” for small group study Based on findings from this study we suggest that more materials of emerging animal biotechnology should be included in high school curriculum and recommend that high school teachers and university faculty establish a collaborative framework in the near future
獎項日期2016 9月 1
監督員Tzen-Yuh Chiang (Supervisor)