The Discrimination of Barbell Weight for Weightlifters

論文翻譯標題: 舉重運動員對槓鈴重量之辨識能力
  • 蔡 怡君

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Twelve college weightlifters (WL group) and fourteen weight training club members (WT group) were recruited in this study The standard barbell weight of each participant was set at 80% of personal best snatch/ deadlift record The test barbell weights that include Ws Ws±1kg Ws±2kg and Ws±5kg were given randomly After each lifter performed several lifts of the standard weight firstly followed by the test weight the lifter was asked to identify the weight difference between the two barbells Correct percentage of each comparison was analyzed The results showed that the correct percentage of barbell weight discrimination for the weightlifters was over 84% when the test weight was Ws±5kg Under the test weight equal to the standard weight the correct percentage was significantly decreased to 38% and less than that of other test weights (p<01) There was no significant difference in correct percentage of discrimination between the WL and WT group however the WL group performed significant less lifts than those of the WT group (p
獎項日期2016 九月 5
監督員Hung-Ta Chiu (Supervisor)