The effect of adding porous materials on the fire resistance of phenolic foam board

論文翻譯標題: 添加孔隙材料對酚醛發泡板材耐燃特性的影響
  • 曾 若綺

學生論文: Master's Thesis


The development of fire resistant materials is important with regard to reducing the loss of human life and property due to fires Phenolic foam board (PF) has good thermal insulation properties and is thus widely used for this purpose and it also has exceptional fire performance In this study the author investigated the effects on the thermal and fire resistance of PF (phenolic foam board) with various particle sizes and content (1wt %-5wt %) of SiO2 aerogel and hollow glass microspheres were also used to make a comparison It was expected that the fire resistance of PF would be improved by adding these fillers which provide thermal insulation It was projected that the heat transfer of PF from the heat source would be reduced thus causing the decomposition of phenolic foam board to slow down The effect of adding porous silica on the thermal conductivity and stability of PF was obvious The results showed that smaller particle sizes of porous materials can improve the thermal insulation and stability of PF However the use of excess fillers was found to damage the structure of PF The SEM and EDS results showed that the distribution of aerogel within the PF was not uniform and some aerogel pores were coated with phenolic resin which explained some irregular curves observed during testing In addition the results of a cone calorimeter analysis indicated that excess fillers and release agent caused burn through and excess total heat release However the results also showed that adding proper amounts of porous silica can improve the fire performance of PF leading to achieving flammability level I
獎項日期2016 8月 11
監督員Ta-Hui Lin (Supervisor)