The Effect of Gender, Family Structure, Economic Pressure, Academic Satisfaction and Social Support on 9th Graders’ Depression Mood

  • 惠瑩 蕭

學生論文: Master's Thesis


The study examined the incremental effect, over and above of family structure, economic pressure and social support on 9th graders students’ depressive mood by using hierarchical regressions. The survey data was collected from Taiwan Youth Project (TYP) with 2,591 students by using a multistage stratified sampling. The results showed that (a) Economic pressure is a risk factor that could significantly account for students’ depressive mood. Moreover, family support, peer support and teacher support are protective factors that could significantly account for students’ depressive mood; (b) Family structure was not an important factor in explaining students’ depressive mood; (c) Family support and peer support were moderated economic pressure and then had an effect on students’ depressive mood. Implications and future research were provided in the study.
監督員偉明 陸 (Supervisor)