The effect of LMX on Employee’s Job Performance through Self Efficient: The mediating role of Stressors

  • 陳 麗文

學生論文: Master's Thesis


In every organization leaders have to provide direction and guidance as well as necessary resources for member in order to perform their jobs well On the other hand members have to show their discipline and prove their abilities to their leaders This relationship is so called Leader-member exchange In the pass there are many papers have investigated the relationships between LMX and job performance However there are not many studies examine self-efficacy as a mediator between LMX and employee’s performance This study therefore will introduce self-efficacy as mediator between LMX and one’s job performance Moreover this study also examines the roles of stressors on employee’s performance In this thesis we would like to examine how Leader member exchange (LMX) effect employee’s job performance through enhancing one’s self efficacy We also will separate job stress into two distinguished sources: hindrance and challenge stressor by finding their difference effect on one’s job performance Furthermore we also investigate the effect of LMX and self-efficacy on worker’s stressor Finally we will test the mediate role of self-efficacy between LMX and two stressors
獎項日期2018 12月 21
監督員Hsi-An Shih (Supervisor)