The effect of teaching design sketch criteria on sketching skills

論文翻譯標題: 識別設計表現技法之教學對手繪技能的影響
  • 蘇 媛媛

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Industrial design communicates more detail to customers and provides an accurate understanding of design appearance and application through sketching 3D modeling and panel displays However with regard to the technique of expression of products experts depend on experience and skills to make the original design concept clearer and more attractive The purpose of this study is to let novice learner-experts evaluate a sketch in a professional way Moreover these professional evaluations were used in the design of a learning through identification course that provides a clear goal of study as well as enhances the overall drawing skills of students In this study the Evaluation Grid Method (EGM) was used to investigate the professional evaluation of the drawings and develop the criteria for professional sketch evaluation Then guidelines were designed as supplementary learning materials that were provided to beginners for self-examination and reinforcement of capability The Paired-Sample T-Test was used to investigate the results of the study and see whether the experiment had a significant effect on the improvement of the skills of the subjects Study results showed that in the “ideate” stage the supplementary teaching materials given to students had a positive effect Furthermore regardless of when the teaching materials were introduced students showed a significantly improved performance in “detail design” Finally through the rapid transfer of concepts images can be enhanced through the following seven criteria: “satisfy basic drawing logic” “a technique that showcases the main subject matter” “attractive exterior design” “precise product descriptions” “construction of a focal point and visual direction” “dramatic tension on the image” “clear delivery of information” Moreover a longer period of time is required for honing the following four criteria and to ensure progress These criteria are “smooth and direct lines” “overall drawing style” “hierarchical layout” and “comfortable layout”
獎項日期2017 六月 23
監督員Min-Yuan Ma (Supervisor)