The Effects of Privacy Concern and Other Related Factors to the Continuance Use among Cloud Storage Users

論文翻譯標題: 隱私關注與其他相關因素對雲端儲存使用者之持續使用意願影響研究
  • 鍾 欣芸

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Could computing service is a fast growing industry in IT market With the increasing usage of smartphone and multi-computer device consumers are craving for large storage capacity to storage data including multimedia personal document schedule or other work related files Users are tend to acquire larger space in storage and enjoy the convenience of the cloud storage service but they still worry about service security issues while adopting cloud storage service Therefore privacy concerns are considered as a major issue restricting e-commerce growing and decreasing sales from internet (Dinev & Hart 2006) However it is limited in individual usage in prior studies and the linkage of organizational users and privacy concerns in cloud storage service is still missing In order to fill the gap we try to explore users’ privacy issue in both individual and organizational level in this research Besides communication privacy management (CPM) and information system (IS) theory are utilized in exploring privacy issue in cloud storage service After analyzing the data of organizational and personal users our study reconfirm the privacy issue is crucial for users’ intention in adopting the cloud storage service
獎項日期2015 2月 5
監督員Jeng-Chung Chen (Supervisor)