The fabrications and investigations of ZnO based TCO and TFTs by rf sputtering deposition method

論文翻譯標題: 以射頻磁控濺鍍法製備氧化鋅基透明導電膜與薄膜電晶體及其特性探討
  • 陳 孟群

學生論文: Master's Thesis


In recent years the optoelectronics industry has well developed The IGZO technology used in the cutting-edge display products has been the currently hottest topic in global LCD display industry in this way the driving device of the LCD display - "thin film transistor" (TFT) is particularly important The quality of TFTs will dramatically affect the performance of the LCD display so how to improve the quality of thin-film transistors as well as lower production cost has been the goal of the research and production efforts In this study we use rf magnetron sputtering method to fabricate GaZnO transparent conductive oxide and InGaZnO thin-film transistors First Part: The Investigation of the GaZnO TCO Film Hall measurement in Room-Temp & Temp-Dependent two conditions through GIXRD technique Second Part: We use XPS AFM and Contact Angle technique to identify the relationship between InGaZnO thin-film transistors with various annealing temperature Third Part: We also examine the InGaZnO TFT devices characteristic and stability via Negative Bias Temperature Stability (NBTS) and hysteresis
獎項日期2014 7月 29
監督員Sheng-Yuan Chu (Supervisor)