The Influence of Product’s Identity Image on User Safety-Taking Products in Public Space of Women Living Alone as an Example

論文翻譯標題: 產品身分意象對使用者安全的影響—以獨居女性的公共居住空間與產品為例
  • 王 博玄

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Users express their preference and value through what they use such as products Likewise products show owner’s or user’s personal image in addition to function and aesthetics This concept is what the authors define as “Product Identity Image (PII)” However if a given product has its particular identity image people are able to through the product speculate the user’s personal information such as gender age occupation economic status and beauty all of which may induce to commit a crime Therefore this research studies PII taking products in public space of five women each of which lives alone as an example Based on interviews with 25 participants this paper proposes three ways to ensure safety for the five female subjects For ensuring safety three ways can be applied: (1) placing several night out shoes with different styles or removing all of them to the inside; (2) placing at least one pair of male slippers; and (3) hiding seductive shoes The result of tests examines that the first two ways effectively influence participants’ speculation on PII and still fit each subject’s fashion style This research also concludes that (1) there is no significant difference between speculation done by male and female participants (2) Men are more capable to identify cohabitation (3) Age can be easily speculated (4) It is difficult to speculate beauty through shoe products (5) The number of different shoe styles reveal the number of tenants And (6) a specific single style may reveal the fact that there is a woman living alone
獎項日期2018 6月 7
監督員Chun-Juei Chou (Supervisor)