The NPO’s Preparedness Strategy of Kogami for Tsunami at Padang in Indonesia

  • 眭 若泊

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Kogami a non-profit organization in Padang in Indonesia played an important role at earthquakes and tsunamis The majority of the residents are still vulnerable and unable to evacuate in time based on the 2009’s earthquake experience Kogami’s main concern is therefore to increase the public preparedness The purpose of this study is to explore the efficiency and the effectiveness of the preparedness strategies pursued by Kogami The focus lies on the three strategic steps formation planning and implementation Qualitative methods including in-depth interview and second-hand data were adopted in this study It was found that Kogami’s strategic process was efficient and effective for the circumstances and local hazard They were successful in implementing exercise activities and in spreading awareness and preparedness throughout Padang However the focus on preparedness left other necessary measures neglected The dependency on the government and NGOs especially for finances limited Kogami’s development After ten years of preparedness campaigns and with the growing role of the government several original strategies and targets are fulfilled now or are turning into routine Kogami may have to adapt their structure and strategies for the changed environment
監督員Yen-Lien Kuo (Supervisor)