The Optical Characterization of MoS2 using Polarized Raman Spectroscopy

論文翻譯標題: 偏振拉曼光譜與二硫化鉬的分析
  • 黃 啟源

學生論文: Master's Thesis


In the studies of the optical characterization of MoS2 using polarized Raman spectroscopy I use micro-Raman spectroscopy system and polarized micro-Raman system to analyze few layers MoS2 and determine the number of few layers MoS2 film by the different Raman shift between the E12g vibration mode and A1g vibration mode After determination of few layers MoS2 film the location of single layer bi-layer and tri-layer can be founded then I research these layers (1 to 3) by using micro- polarized Raman system I find that the A1g vibration mode of few layers MoS2 film show a strong polarization dependence no matter which layer numbers are After above experimental I use the thermal evaporator deposition system to deposit Ag films about 7 nm on the MoS2 sample After the deposition of metal on the sample the intensity of Raman peak of MoS2 is proved with great improvement So if we want to use the Raman spectra to analyze the properties of MoS2 we can deposit the metal particles on the sample to improve the efficiency of the measurement This thesis is organized as followed: Chapter 1 includes a brief introduction of the research background and the motivation of this experiment In chapter 2 I introduced the research about Raman spectroscopy and few layer MoS2 film and the research about Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) In chapter 3 I describe the preparation of MoS2 and polarized micro-Raman system In chapter 4 I introduced my experiment about the determination of few layers MoS2 film by Raman spectroscopy and the polarization dependence of MoS2 SERS spectra of few layers MoS2 film The summary of my work are concluded in chapter 5
獎項日期2014 八月 28
監督員Hsiang-Chen Chui (Supervisor)