The research for creating exclusive experience in interactive multimedia exhibition

論文翻譯標題: 互動多媒體展覽之專屬感營造機制
  • 沈 寶萱

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Exhibitions in present times not only promote knowledge transfer but also provide innovative entertainment to visitors who can enjoy various interactive experiences Since the hands-on experience enjoyed by every visitor is unique these differences can create an exclusive emotional experience which is likely to spark further discussion and enhance one’s learning experience Therefore to create a sense of exclusivity in an interactive exhibition is worth exploring The purpose of this study can be divided into two phases the first stage conducting EGM(Evaluation Grid Method) interviews by 2015 in Taiwan "Discovering national treasure" exhibition to capture and summarize the exclusive sense's attractive factors The second stage of the experiment this study subjects according to Marston’s personality theory as a group basis to design the interactive experience experiment through the quantitative type I analysis to get the exclusive sense attractive factor's weights to the experiencer of different character finally discussed the build mechanism of exclusive sense The research results can be summarized as three parts the first part is the exclusive sense three principles: 1 Novel and unique experiences: new technologies can bring a sense of novelty to visitors; 2 Creating emotional connections: external or psychological factors which can forge a connection between visitors and the exhibition and 3 An exclusive memory: to create a unique experience for oneself The second part are divided into different character visitors the importance exclusive sense factors attached is different Dominance type like to operate control by themselves the influence care about his experience in the various experience Steadiness experiencer focus on the results Conscientiousness focus on their own unique memory And the third part is the creation mechanism of exclusive sense At the beginning of the experience by the new and unique experience to bring the experiencers' interests and through the operational interaction by themselves get inductive feedback at the same time use the emotional link design through the whole experience after the end of experience the experiencer finally can take away the unique souvenir and end up the whole exclusive sense interactive experience
獎項日期2016 八月 23
監督員Min-Yuan Ma (Supervisor)