The study of wireless multi-electrode bioimpedance system insoles

論文翻譯標題: 鞋墊形無線多電極生醫電阻抗系統之研究
  • 王 思蘋

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Diabetic foot caused by neuropathy vascular lesions or neurovascular lesions is the most common chronic complication With the rapid increase in the population of diabetes Diabetic foot is a serious problem All lesions will eventually cause tissue necrosis or amputation due to poor perfusion Because of feeling missing the occurrence of ulcers usually accompanies different degrees of lesions So if patients can early detect the variation of perfusion they will prevent the occurrence of ulcers In contrast to traditional methods bioimpedance provides a simple fast and convenient way to measure and doesn’t limit by place It also provides valuable information for disease prevention and diagnosis In this study the hardware design includes impedance measurement wireless transmission electrode design and channel selection circuitry The software design contains wireless transmission data acquisition and impedance calibration The total harmonic distortion of bioimpedance measuring circuit of the proposed system is 0 403% and the maximal error is 3 51% In addition the proposed system also has the module circuitry design for convenience of integration and graphical user interface for ease of use In electrode design we add normal saline into foam rubber to measure The standard deviation is below 0 921 From the experimental results the developed system has feasibility and good reproducibility
獎項日期2017 九月 12
監督員Kuo-Sheng Cheng (Supervisor)