The TTM-Matched exercise intervention design principles for adaptive mobile applications

論文翻譯標題: 用於調適性行動應用之跨理論模型運動介入設計準則
  • 張 至誠

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Exercise regularly is one of the ways to keep healthy but establishing exercise habits is not easy for most people It is a process that requires sustainability and has to go through many stages Research has shown that adaptive intervention strategy based on behavior change theory could support people to exercise regularly and maintain it However most developers of exercise promotion device or interactive system lack training of applying behavior change theories Therefore it is difficult to interpret behavior change theories and models into concrete adaptive design In this study we provide the design principles based on theories and behavior research We explore people’s reasons of exercise through interview and online questionnaire Exploratory factor analysis was conducted to explore the factors influencing participants in the different stages of behavioral change in a Transtheoretical Model (TTM) We found that the major factor is accumulations of exercise achievements in the Contemplation and Preparation group and for the Action and Maintenance groups the main influencing factor is motion-related information reminders When developing adaptive exercise-promotion systems developers can apply the results of this study to weigh the exercise-promoting information or functions that should be presented first in each behavioral change stage thereby depicting a design blueprint of an interactive system that can be adapted in response to a change in user’s behavioral change stage
獎項日期2017 一月 23
監督員Yuan-Chi Tseng (Supervisor)