Thermal Performance of Aluminum Honeycomb Wallboards Incorporating Microencapsulated PCM Under Dynamic Conditions

論文翻譯標題: 鋁蜂巢牆板內置微膠囊相變化材料之動態熱傳特性
  • 周 琪

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Application of the phase change material (PCM) in the field of architecture is more and more popular in the study of green architectures During the processes of melting or solidification phase change materials can effectively release or store a significant amount of latent heat So it will be very potential in latent heat thermal energy storage energy saving thermal comfort and so on In this study combine the microencapsulated phase change materials with an aluminum honeycomb building construction structural for support and heat transfer channel to complete aluminum honeycomb wallboards incorporating microencapsulated phase change materials Place it in a space which simulates the natural environment and study its thermal performance At last the purpose of the study is to know if it is possible and appropriate to use the PCM in the real buildings In order to compare and analyze better six groups are designed in this experiment Different solar heat gains and different melting points of the phase change materials are considered The conclusions will be obtained after contrast and discussion Application of the phase change material can reduce the indoor temperature and heat flux peak delay the peak arrival time So it reduces energy consumption and brings good space thermal comfort
獎項日期2015 六月 25
監督員Chi-ming Lai (Supervisor)