Usability Problems of LEGO Duplo

論文翻譯標題: 樂高得寶積木的使用性問題
  • 黃 煒鈞

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Due to the impact of the baby bust an increasing number of parents are ready to spend more on their children This spending is particularly unstinting with regard to education Duplo produced by LEGO has always been a good choice for parents However problems frequently occur when children are playing with the bricks This can reduce the functionality of the bricks If the usage problems of Duplo can be analyzed and discussed perhaps the educational impact of Duplo can be enhanced so it can further enrich the learning of children This study can be divided into five stages Stage I conducts an analysis and discussion of the assembly instructions from Duplo sets in order to identify possible problems in the assembly instructions provided by LEGO Stage II identifies problems that occur during use based on actual observations of Duplo usage by children Stage III proposes and presents a prototype for improving the problems found in the first two stages Stage IV analyzes the improvements proposed in Stage III and identifies a more appropriate improvement method for verification Stage V is the verification of the research results regarding the improvement methods for the use of Duplo proposed by this study It also selects appropriate software and hardware to conduct the verification experiments and evaluates the feasibility of various improvement methods According to the these results this study identifies eight problems in the use of Duplo: “Inexhaustive Assembly Instructions ” “Sight Blind Angle of the Explanatory Legend ” “Insufficient Information on the Explanatory Legend ” “Direction ” “Fastness ” “Height ” “Blurry Edge ” and “Distance” It also proposes four methods for improvement: “Changing Presentation Modes of Assembly Instructions ” “Augmented Reality System ” “Comprehensive Patterns ” and “Numeral Prompt” Finally this study verifies that the proposed solutions are feasible for the improvement of partial problems with one exception (comprehensive patterns)
獎項日期2016 8月 30
監督員Chun-Juei Chou (Supervisor)