User Experience Study of Mobile Wellbeing: Case Study of Developing Mindful Flourishing APP

論文翻譯標題: 行動健康產品使用者經驗研究以心聲心盛行動應用程式開發為例
  • 曾 洺芮

學生論文: Master's Thesis


Wellbeing is a universal goal of human crossed diverse cultures and the inner contemplativeness and discernment of heart voices would be one fundamental way to achieve it With the advancement of the vigorous mobile technology positive psychologists and entrepreneurs started to develop mindfulness and wellbeing products to larger smartphone users To this end we had developed the Mindful Flourishing App using mindfulness as training tools aiming to help users to get rid of negative emotion and build up positive affect Since the combination of mobile technology and positive psychology emerged how to enhance human wellbeing through user experience design become an important issue in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI) However research focus on both the concepts of user experience and mindful and wellbeing Apps are relatively lacking as well as the exploratory study of users themselves This study follows a comprehensive user experience research framework related to the time span conducting user experience research from aspects of before during after usage Before usage users expected a hedonic experience with professional help humanized feedback open-mindedly During usage a usability testing of the prototype was conducted and the interface and prototype was redesign based on user feedback After usage drawing on broadening consumer behavior which includes buyers and users’ factors four types of user personas and their different goals attitudes and eudemonic experience were discovered This research has three major contributions: first designed an innovative mindfulness and wellbeing app to deliver positive interventions; second conduct a holistic user experience study to understand users’ needs; third exploratorily studied the user’s characteristics The outcomes are expected to well-develop a user-centered designed product that eventually enhances public wellbeing in Chinese areas
獎項日期2018 8月 21
監督員Shyh-Nan Liou (Supervisor)