Vibration reduction of beams using antiresonance mechanism

論文翻譯標題: 利用反共振機制抑制樑振動行為之分析
  • 洪 佑岡

學生論文: Master's Thesis


A method for reducing the vibration of a beam using the antiresonance effect is presented It is found that a beam with appropriate resonators consisting of a combination of spring and mass may reduce external excitation at certain frequencies effectively A simple two degree of freedom system contain of an absorber mass that is connected by springs to a drive mass is discussed and demonstrated to display the vibration behaviour of a beam with resonators The finite element method is used to simulate the vibration behaviour of the present beam A transient response is a mode that immediately displays the behaviour of a beam subject to external excitation To demonstrate the validity of FE results experiments were performed Another focus of this study is to investigate the relation between the mass ratio and the location of the resonance frequency and the relation between the numbers of unit cells and the effect of vibration reduction The unit numbers eight twelve and eighteen were chosen as cases for comparison
獎項日期2014 9月 4
監督員Jung-San Chen (Supervisor)