Why Pok?mon Go so popular? User Experience Approach Exploration

論文翻譯標題: 為什麼Pokemon Go 如此流行?以使用者經驗探討
  • 沈 蓮慧

學生論文: Master's Thesis


The rapid development of mobile technology and fast internet connection make it possible to always be connected One of the result of this is the rise or hybrid reality games which blur the connection between the virtual world and physical world via mobile device The recent release of a hybrid reality game in 2016 titled Pok?mon Go make the world interested in hybrid reality game and considered as game changer in mobile game industry Hybrid reality game is unique in nature with three main characteristic (De Souza e Silva & Delacruz 2006 De Souza e Silva & Sutko 2008 De Souza e Silva 2009) which are mobile activities collaborative action between users and combines the real world situation and virtual world making new experience which may change how player see mobile game However recent report shows the rapid decline of the user in the game making it one of the largest loss in number of player in three months This study explored users’ motivation of install and experience in playing Pok?mon Go as a representative of emerging hybrid reality game The aim of the study was to see the factors that affect user’s decision to continue or abandon and to suggest better design for future hybrid reality game design This research processed in two stages The first stage is exploratory study using literature review content analysis of the media reports and interview to three users and four designers In the interviews users and designers were asked about the motivation experience related with hybrid reality game characteristic and reasons of reduced playtime and stop playing Pok?mon Go providing the first stage of information to design the second stage The second stage is the survey stage with 212 respondents which will confirm the answer from stage one and see which reason affect the decision to continue or stop playing Integrating both exploratory and confirmatory study firstly the result shows that familiarity of the game name advertisement social influence and new technology as the reason on the first motivation in playing the game Second the desire to accomplish game’s goal and explore all of the possibilities of the game become the main motives in motivation to play the game Third there are five significant difference between player who continue playing and stop playing in the experience Motivation to get the goal and positive affect is higher in still playing group while tension negative affect and negative psychological involvement is higher in the stop playing group This study’s contributes to the role of theory of achievement motivation in understanding the engagement of playing hybrid reality games and enriching more study of user experience in hybrid reality games field The study benefits from investigation of a popular hybrid game to better understanding of user’s motivation to install and play Users’ experience in playing hybrid reality games relationship between the experience and decision to abandon the game Drawing on these findings empower to suggest a better design for future hybrid reality game design and development
獎項日期2017 8月 29
監督員Shyh-Nan Liou (Supervisor)