Will the Sun Also Rise?: Trauma Reincarnation and the Hopeless Hope in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun

論文翻譯標題: 太陽是否依舊升起?:齊瑪曼達.阿蒂雀《半輪黃日》中的創傷、輪迴與無望中之希望
  • 林 廷龍

學生論文: Master's Thesis


In both reality and the fiction Half of a Yellow Sun since 1966 Nigeria has experienced a number of political earthquakes which eventually result in the independence of Biafra and the sanguinary Nigeria-Biafra War in 1967 Most Biafrans the civilians in particular are forced to confront the disappearance and demise of their families and friends the loss of their properties and lives the paucity of food and water and so forth The thesis will focus on how Olanna the female Christian protagonist eventually learns to coexist with her psychological trauma and regain her political voice In the first chapter I will analyze Olanna’s physical and psychological response to the pogrom she witnesses in Kano in 1966 I will evidence that despite her recovery from her state of freeze or her somatic dissociation Olanna continues suffering from her ongoing traumatic memories because she still fails to internalize them After the Nigerian Civil War begins Olanna is even deprived of her political voice and cannot but accept the nonchalance of the whole world the Nigerian government and Biafran politicians and soldiers In the second chapter I will argue that after the end of the war in 1970 Olanna’s insistence on searching for her missing sister Kainene and her turning to the traditional Igbo belief in reincarnation prompt her to voice for herself and work through her traumatic memories In addition to undergo the process of reincarnation Olanna should pass on her memories of Kainene to those whom she cares about I will thus discuss that with Olanna’s storytelling Adichie is perchance urging all her (Nigerian) readers to remember the lessons taught by history lest they launch another war as internecine as the Nigeria-Biafra War
獎項日期2018 八月 8
監督員Shuli Chang (Supervisor)